"I came here to drink milk and kick ass. And I've just finished my milk." - Moss, The IT Crowd

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thought for the Day

"I think the basic sentiment applies: When are we going to say we have finally had enough? Hey, here's a suggestion - how about when it's become "standard operating procedure" for the government to put its hands in a six-year-old girl's pants? ... That seems like it should be a pretty good line in the sand, doesn't it?

"In any other context, if you saw a stranger doing that to a six-year-old girl, wouldn't you kick that person's ass? Wouldn't you at least try? Even at some risk to yourself? I bet you would. So why do we walk by when the government does it? Have we really become such cowards that we are willing to put up with six-year-old girls being groped because we think otherwise we can't be 99.999% safe?"

- Kevin Underhill, Lowering the Bar

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