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Monday, March 14, 2011

Resources about the crisis in Japan

If you have friends or family in Japan, Google has a crisis center with a person finder, shelter resident lists, and more. You can donate to the Japanese Red Cross through Google's page, or to the American Red Cross at RedCross.org.

Here are some useful links for keeping up with the news out of Japan:
For more background on nuclear reactors:
New content on this blog may be spotty for the next few days, but I'll try to at least check in and post a few links every day.

ETA: Things are taking a turn for the worse.

ETA 3/14/11 11pm CDT: A decent USA Today update.  Kyodo News Headlines says that small amounts of radioactive substances have been detected in Tokyo, but doesn't have an accompanying article at this time.

ETA 3/15/11 8:30 am CDT: This is bad. Scroll down to the paragraph with the IAEA update. According to AFP, the disaster has now been upgraded to a 6 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

A summary of more-or-less current statistics about the disaster by the Telegraph.

ETA 3/15/11 9:45 am CDT: Good update from the NY Times. One piece of encouraging news: the most recent radiation levels reported from outside the plant have fallen off from their highest levels.

ETA 3/16/11 10:35 pm CDT: A bleak update from the NY Times.

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